If you're of age to read sexually explicit writing, welcome. If you're underage and looking for sex information, I recommend Scarleteen (though not without reservations). If you're not looking for sex information, you should go play some more Farmville or whatever the hell it is you kids do these days.


The Erotofluidic Age

Funnier than Frankenstein, sexier than Right Ho, Jeeves, more perverse than The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, and cheaper than a glass of good whiskey, The Erotofluidic Age, my first single-author ebook, is now available for sale from Circlet Press, Amazon, Fictionwise, and just about anywhere else you can buy ebooks. The Erotofluidic Age is an absurd, inventive, laugh-out-loud funny, unnervingly hot period romp featuring mad scientists, amorous flying clams, dimensional travel, secret societies, sly pop culture references, and an eclectic array of gender and kink pemutations.

There are excerpts available in several places. Have a look at the opening scene, an early seduction (who is seduced and who the seducer is left as an exercise for the interested reader), and a hasty tryst in a locomotive car.

It's been reviewed at, and I was interviewed about it on the Good Vibrations blog.


A tongue-in-cheek genderbending Ninteenth Century serial.

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