This page is still very much a work-in-progress as I move into this site. If you find glaring omissions, dead links, egregious misspellings, or the like, please let me know and I'll hurry up and fix them. If you find dreary characters and uninspiring sex scenes, you can tell me that, too, but I can't promise I'll manage to do anything about it.

Lesson One (5000 words). The original version of this story was written in three hours as part of Write Club duel #25. The version here is considerably longer and filthier, featuring group sex, spanking, and a little male bisexualty. Vinnie Tesla appears nowhere in it.

Yacht Club is a series of rather silly stories about a preppy sex-and-bondage club on the fictional island of Nantahack. It was originally intended as an homage to the over-the-top suburban debauchery epics that have always been a staple of ASSM.

This is Not a Story About Andrew (5000 words) is the story of Vinnie's sudden crush on Molly, Molly's reciprocation, and what is done about it. The story features anal play, a little spanking, and fewer annoying digressions than previous drafts.

Four Condoms (2800 words) Vinnie and Nadia had a different weekend from the one they had planned. Now they have an hour to get rid of the evidence before their housemate gets home. Contains oral and anal sex, rimming, and allegedly funny repartee.

Rivals (12600 words) Vinnie and Amanda have sometimes been friends, and sometimes lovers. This week, at the Burningman festival, they meet Tanya. This week they're rivals. Contains a bit of rimming, a bunch of oral sex, some F/F sex, and a buttload of local color.

Victim/Victorian is a complete tongue-in-cheek novella inspired by classic Victorian erotica. It features light BDSM, a bit of genderb(l)ending, and imitation nineteenth-century vocabulary.

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