Write Club Duel #23

In 2002, two of my favorite online sex authors, Selena Jardine and Desdmona, invited me to referee between them in a story-writing duel. It was a lot of fun--the only downside was having to choose between two such excellent stories. Well, that and being reminded that some people can produce work that good in an afternoon.

The Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival

In 2003, Mat Twassel organized what is, to the best of my knowledge, the first flash stroke festival in the history of mankind, and coaxed me out of my hiatus to contribute a couple pieces. For the purposes of the event, flash stroke stories were constrained to 70 lines by 18 columns. The 106 resulting stories are a range of hot, clever, diverse gems.

The Second Irregular Flash Stroke Festival

In 2005, I wanted to do it again. Mat encouraged me to run it my own damn self. I recruited a few new people from LiveJournal and the Fishtank, and came up with an interface for browsing the stories that I'm proud of. I kind of like the idea of the next festival changing hands again--if you want to organize a third one, drop me a line or just go ahead and announce it.

The Mad Science Festival

This year, I announced a Mad Science Story Festival, but I ended up having to go into the hospital for a couple weeks for a little mad science of my own, and the event pretty much fizzled, though Kenny Gamera did contribute one nifty story. Eventually, I'll try this one again.

Write Club Duel #25

At the end of 2006, I found myself agreeing to a duel with Antheros, to be refereed by Alexis Seifert. On January 3, 2007, we did battle. A few days later, Alexis awarded the victory to Antheros. The challenge and both stories are at the official Write Club site.

In addition, I posted a much longer version of my entrant, Lesson One, a couple months later.