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Q & A

Most of these questions have been asked of me several times. 'Frequently' would probably be hyperbole.

Is Vinnie Tesla your real name?

No. The pseudonym is a pun on the New England restaurant chain VinnyT's (formerly Vinny Testas) and the Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, perhaps best known for inventing the Tesla Coil.

Are you related to Nikola Tesla?

A full answer to this question requires distinguishing between Vinnie Teslaa, the pseudonymous author of this website, and Vinnie Teslab, the fictional protaganist of several of Vinnie Teslaa's stories.

Vinnie Teslaa is not, to the best of his knowledge, related to Nicolai Tesla in any way.

Vinnie Teslab, on the other hand, is the famed scientist's great-great-great grandnephew, via descent from Nikola's entirely fictional older brother, Ralph Tesla.

Though generally agreed to be a mad genius like his better-known brother, scholars generally consider Ralph both the sanest and possibly the dimmest mad genius known to history.

Ralph first achieved some measure of prominence with his invention of a device for the wireless transmission of odor. His attempts to interest investors in the 'smellogram' were unsuccessful, and, in frustration, he turned his attention to mail-sorting machinery, a field that he revolutionized through a series of innovations so utterly dull and mundane as to defy description, becoming reasonably wealthy in the process.

In 1884, while researching the wireless transmission of semen, he accidentally impregnated Louise Snodgrass of Athol, Massachusetts, 4000 miles away, whom he had never met.

A high-profile paternity suit, producing several exotic legal precendents, led to a rather awkward courtship, and eventually marriage. He died in 1922, wealthy and respected, but still bitter over public rejection of smellographic technology.

What is your gender?

I am male, and have been so for as long as I can remember

What is the difference between pornography and erotica?

There is none.

Are your stories true?

No. Though they often attempt to be true-to-life, almost none of the actual stories or scenes are drawn directly from real experiences.

Do you accept suggestion for stuff you should write about in future stories?

I always read them with interest and pleasure. I rarely adopt them. Feel free, in other words, but don't expect results other than a thank-you note.

Would you collaborate on a story with me?

If you're a writer whose work I already enjoy, probably. If not, probably not.

Wouldn't you like to enlarge your penis?

Actually, I'm pretty satisfied with what I've got. Thanks, though.Is The Pearl available online?I know of copies of it at and at This may also be a good place to mention that The Olympia Press has a bunch of Victorian porn, as well as many oddities from the first half of the twentieth century, available as US$1 downloads. If there's other Victorian porn out there on the net, I'd love to know about it.

I really enjoyed your stories. How can I thank you?

E-mail describing what you enjoyed are alwasy much appreciated. Writing about it on your website or blog is also extremely cool. Naked pictures are rarely a bad idea. Okay, often they're a bad idea. But you should send them to me anyway. Finally, you can donate to, which is entirely donation supported, and without which I probably would never have written any of this stuff.